Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stephanie (re)joins the workforce

The mountains on my way to my first day of work! Unfortunately, the air quality hasn't been the best around here lately, but the day was beautiful anyway.

I have just about finished my second week of work! 

I work in the administration building on campus, doing processing and imaging for admissions. Basically, I go through a lot of paperwork and organize and scan it and make sure it gets into our system. It doesn't sound super thrilling, but I like it a lot! 

I like it even more when I think about how I was unemployed all summer. I remember being so frustrated as I went to several interviews a week just to be rejected again and again. It was tiring and disheartening.

However, now I have a great job that I enjoy, and where I can take pride in my what I do. It works perfectly with my school schedule, and I have some awesome coworkers. Despite all the frustration of the past few months, now I'm feeling pretty happy and extremely blessed! 

This is my rubber finger tip! I get to use this contraption when I flip through giant stacks of paper. It makes it easier for me to grip pages and it is extremely useful. I added the smiley face myself.

Also, there's this old school water fountain right outside my office! I mean, maybe it isn't that old school, but I've never seen one where you have to twist a knob to get your water! 

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